• A low-voltage electrical appliance is a component or device that can manually or automatically turn on and off a circuit according to external signals and requirements to achieve switching, control, protection, detection, conversion, and adjustment of circuits or non-electric objects. Low-voltage appliances can be divided into two categories: distribution appliances and control appliances, which are the basic components of complete electrical equipment.
    Low-voltage electrical appliances generally have two basic parts: one is the execution part, such as the contact is connected or cut off according to the instruction. The other is the sensing part, which senses external signals and makes a regular response. In automatic control appliances, the sensing part is mostly composed of electromagnetic mechanisms. In controlled appliances, the sensing part is usually an operating handle.

    Socket, also known as power socket, switch socket. coloured wall sockets refers to a socket into which one or more circuit wires can be inserted, through which various wires can be inserted. This facilitates connection with other circuits. Through the connection and disconnection between the line and the copper, to finally achieve the connection and disconnection of this part of the circuit.